Advertising Your Broker’s Listings

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Legal Tips

Last week’s tip on advertising other agent’s listings resulted in many emails. I contacted LLR and am waiting on a response to many of the questions you posed. The main question was could an agent advertise their broker’s or company’s listings. Based on my research and through conversations with several MCE/CE instructors I believe you MAY advertise your broker-in-charge listings since all listings go through your broker-in-charge. I also believe you can advertise the listing of other offices within your company if there is an agreement amongst your BICs to allow you to market and advertise those listings.  You however, may not advertise a listing from another company without a signed listing agreement.  I am still seeking further clarification from LLR and will have another update on this subject next week after I talk with legal counsel at LLR.

Historical fact:  College Street was originally named Medium Street after a citizen who lived in the newly formed City of Columbia. The name was later changed to College Street honoring South Carolina College and is now part of the University of South Carolina campus.

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