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Our lawyers in Columbia, Lexington, Greenville, Camden, Chapin and Spartanburg don’t just close real estate, we help shape real estate law locally, statewide, and nationally.We represent homeowners, local and national builders, lenders, equity investors, asset management companies, and relocation companies in all facets of real estate transactions.

Our attorneys serve on committees in the real estate community that help shape and protect the industry. We want your closing to be affordable, well-coordinated, and problem-free. No matter how many real estate transactions we’ve handled (and we’ve handled thousands), we work one-on-one to make sure we meet your individual needs. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller with a single transaction or a national builder with thousands of real estate closings in mind, we’ve got you covered!

Residential Purchases & Sales

Purchasing a home is often the biggest investment of your lifetime. The lawyers at Blair Cato have successfully helped tens of thousands of consumers just like you purchase a home. Whether it is your first home or your dream home, Blair Cato will help you navigate through the entire closing process from contract signing to closing. Our attorneys and staff have earned a reputation in the industry for quality and efficiency. We are confident your experience will exceed your expectations.

Commercial Closings

Whether you are purchasing a $10,000 or a $10 million commercial property, Blair Cato is well-suited to assist you with your commercial real estate needs. Our attorneys can assist you with company formation, letters of intent, contract writing, title abstract, title insurance, and closing. Blair Cato has the attorneys and experience in commercial transactions to make your business our business.


Whether you are relocating across South Carolina or from another state, relocation transactions require an attorney with the knowledge and training to successfully navigate the closing. Our attorneys have been assisting many of the largest relocation companies in the country with in-bound and out-bound transfers and we understand their specific requirements. Blair Cato also recognizes the unique and intricate nature of title, disclosure, and closing involved in every RELO transaction. Make sure you hire an attorney with RELO knowledge and experience. If you are relocating to or within South Carolina, let Blair Cato be your partner in the move.


HELOC or Home Equity Lines of Credit may be an important financial tool for many homeowners. Countless homeowners use the equity in their homes for debt reduction, home improvements, as well as a safety net against uncertain times. Blair Cato’s attorneys understand the unique nature of the HELOC loan transaction and work closely with your lender to ensure a smooth and easy closing so you can satisfy your financial goals.


Countless homeowners take advantage of the opportunity to lower their debt payments, pay off bills, make home improvements, and/or pull equity out of their homes. Blair Cato has performed thousands of refinancing transactions for our clients. Our staff and attorneys work with your lender to ensure all available title insurance discounts are utilized and that the closing is handled quickly and proficiently. Don’t waste time or money on your refinance, use Blair Cato as your closing attorney.


REO or Real Estate Owned closings are transactions where the seller is a lender, governmental agency, or governmental loan insurer. These sales typically originate from the foreclosure of a defaulted loan. REO transactions require additional legal knowledge as these transactions are often highly complex and demand close interaction with the entity selling the property. Not all closing attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of an REO transaction. The attorneys at Blair Cato have decades of experience working with the largest private and government REO companies in the nation and understand all that is involved in an REO transaction. Rely on the knowledge of Blair Cato to make your REO transaction smooth and painless.

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The Complete Guide to the South Carolina Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement

South Carolina requires a seller of residential property to disclose known defects, damages, and other issues to a potential buyer prior to entering into a contract for sale. While the form is required by law, it is often completed incorrectly or not at all. Sellers often claim an exemption to the law that does not exist. This book is a comprehensive guide for real estate agents and sellers about South Carolina disclosure law.

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