Blair Cato Video Series- The Engagement Letter

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Legal Tips

Blair Cato continues our series of informational videos that either protect the client or better explains a real estate situation or issue. The videos range from wire fraud to preliminary settlement statements to power of attorneys.  Each short video explains a common issue that may occur along the way to closing. By sending these emails to the client during the closing process the client will be afforded information quicker and may be even get an answer to a question or issue before having to ask the real estate agent.

Today’s video discusses the engagement letter. As you may recall Blair Cato’s engagement letter is now online. Our closers will email the link to the buyer and sellers. The form can be filled out on their smart phone, tablet or computer. Hope you enjoy the video below.

Join the 1,500 people who have already watched Flynn Bowie (Movement Mortgage), John Stackhouse (Real Estate Commission) and me discuss all the drama of The Bachelor on our Facebook video.

Our series can be found at

 It may be the funniest or perhaps stupidest thing you watch all year.

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