Closing Disclosure and Your License Number/Office Code

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Legal Tips

For loan applications taken after October 3, the lender is required to submit a Closing Disclosure to the borrower.  Page 4 of the Closing Disclosure requires the real estate broker(s)’ license information.  Therefore, you can expect to receive a request from the closing attorney or lender asking for your real estate license number and your real estate office code for each transaction.  Both numbers are located on your pocket license card. On the card your license number is shown in the upper right-hand corner under the header “LICENSE NO:”  Your office code is located in the upper left-hand corner under the header “OFFICE CODE:”  These two numbers are required on all Closing Disclosures just as is similar information for the loan originator and closing attorney. I have attached a screen shot of the section for your review.

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