County Tax Bills Are Out for Some Midlands Counties

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Legal Tips

As of October 28, 2016 the following Midland’s Counties have issued tax bills:




Remember that once issued, ad valorem taxes must be paid at closing if not previously paid even if the seller escrowed taxes.  Any excess money that the seller escrowed should be refunded by the lender usually within 15 to 30 days post-closing. (Assuming the seller does not have an escrow shortage).

The following Midland Counties have not issued tax bills:

Fairfield (No information available)

Orangeburg (Issued at end of November)

Saluda (Issued first week of November)

Calhoun (To be issued at end of October)

Newberry (No Information available)

Photo by DonkeyHotey

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