IT IS FINALLY OVER!!! After 10 Weeks We Filmed Our Last Show.

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A ton of “controversial and dramatic” stuff happened on the Season Finale of the Bachelor this week. Did Colton find love? Was Cassie here for the right reasons? Is he still a virgin? Does you even care!!?!?!?!

Each week over 1,000 people watched our tragically stupid internet show about the greatest or worst show on TV. Join us on Facebook and YouTube and watch a real estate attorney, mortgage lender and real estate commissioner’s show called 3 Dudes Watch the Bachelor. Flynn Bowie (Movement Mortgage), John Stackhouse (Real Estate Commissioner) and myself host a stupid, funny mess about The Bachelor. We watched it each week and then tell you what we think about it and the contestants. No holds barred.

This week’s FINAL show, It’s Not You, It’s Me, guest was Karen Yip of Yip Premier Realty. Hope you have enjoyed our show and we really appreciate you watching each week. We had over 10,000 total views!!!!

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Photo by genebrooks

Photo by Valerie Everett

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