Rejecting an Offer Under the New Law

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Legal Tips

Under section 40-57-135(I)(5) of the Real Estate Brokers, Salespersons, and Property Managers Act that becomes effective January 1, if an offer or counteroffer is rejected without counter, an “Offer Rejection Form,” created by the Commission, must be signed by the real estate agent affirming that the agent presented the offer to their client. The form must be returned by the agent to the offeror.

This provision comes as a result of multiple complaints to the Commission that agents were not presenting offers. The form is unnecessary as agents are already required by law to present all offers to their client. I assume the Commission felt that an agent who did not present the offer might think twice before signing the form if they have not actually presented the offer. The counter argument is if the agent was willing to lie about presenting the offer in the first place, will the form actually change their behavior? The form seems to be another example of passing a new law instead of enforcing the law that already exists.

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