The Future of Real Estate Agents

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Legal Tips

From time to time I like to post interesting articles or information that I find about the real estate industry. I don’t necessarily always agree or disagree with the articles but I do find the articles thought provoking.  Forbes put out an interesting article this week that talks about the role of the real estate agent in the future. The authors compared the future of the real estate agent to the travel agent, stockbroker and even a record or book store owner. These are clearly professions that have suffered as a result of technology and the internet.   The authors concede that the local knowledge and expertise of an agent is still a very valuable commodity as well as “other qualitative skills.”  The skills include “helping home buyers match expectations with budgets, convincing clients to submit offers, and managing the negotiation process.”

While I do not believe the real estate agent is becoming an endangered species it is very evident that our market place is in the midst of a historical change due to technology. Information is no longer a closely guarded commodity. It is wishful thinking to hope that the way real estate is practiced today will endure for the next ten years or even the next five years. We are being told that a child born today will likely never drive a car. So how can we think what we do for a living will not also dramatically change?  Those in the industry who figure this out first and can adapt before the curve will be the next generation of real estate agents to rule the market.

Here is the article.

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