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This morning I was dismayed to hear about another real estate agent being attacked.  This one occurred in Florida. Today’s tip is how to protect yourself from these situations. More legal tips next week. Your safety is more important.  As a real estate agent friend just told me, we are getting too comfortable.

  • Company policy requires that you get a copy of the consumer’s picture ID prior to showing property. If the consumer is not meeting you at the office please take a picture of their ID with your smart phone and immediately email or text it to your broker. Let the consumer know you are doing so.  If the consumer knows your office and you have their ID they are less likely to act improperly.
  • Always drive separately from the consumer and park where you are not blocked. Keep your car keys in your hand or pocket while showing the house. Do not lay your keys or pocketbook on the counter.
  • Always let your broker or someone on your team know when and to whom you are showing a house.  Give your broker the consumer’s name and telephone number. If the consumer decides to see another property during the showing, text or email your broker or team member the additional properties.
  • If you are concerned about meeting someone, take another agent with you or tell your broker when you leave and how long you expect to be gone.  If you do not check back with your broker timely, the broker should start calling you and the client.
  • Create a voice distress code with your broker/office so you can let your office know you are in an uncomfortable situation without letting the consumer know you are alerting someone.
  • Be careful what you post on social media!  Giving out too much information can make you a target.  You may want to have two Facebook pages; one for business and one for friends.
  • When showing a house, always walk behind the consumer. Do not lead them.  This allows you to keep your eyes on the person.
  • Men are just as likely to be attacked as women.  I personally know a male real estate agent who was held at gunpoint.
  • When in doubt, don’t show!

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Please be careful out there.

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