So when is the Closing Date?

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Legal Tips

Recently several agents have asked what the closing date in the contract means.  Most real estate contracts state that the transaction will “close on or before” a date.  But what happens if the buyer or seller wants to close before the date in the contract? After all, it does so “on or before.”

The date that controls is the date written in the contract. The transaction can be closed earlier if both parties mutually agree to the earlier date. If they do, the closing can occur  and no addendum is needed. However, if one party refuses the move the closing to an earlier date, the other party cannot force the earlier closing.  The reason is that a party cannot be held in default until they miss the closing date in the contract. Therefore, if your client wants to close earlier than the date in the contract they are going to have to have the other party’s agreement.

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