What is the Aggregate Adjustment?

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Legal Tips

Section 10 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act sets limits on the amount of  borrower money that a lender may hold in escrow. An escrow account may include taxes, homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, private mortgage insurance and other charges related to the property. The Act prohibits lenders from collecting and holding more money than is necessary. Prior to the Act some lenders held excessive amounts of escrow money and used the excess as a cushion against the borrower’s default. Because of Section 10 the lender can now only hold 1/12 of the total amount of disbursements payable during the year. The lender may also hold a cushion of 1/6 of the total disbursement for the year. If the amount collected at closing is greater than the amount allowed by RESPA, the lender will give an aggregate adjustment credit to get back into compliance. In addition, the lender must perform an annual analysis of escrows and notify the borrower of any shortages as well as refund any excess funds over $50.

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