You Said What on Facebook!?!

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Legal Tips

As a real estate professional, Facebook can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on the comments, ratings and posts that your clients make about you.  A negative post can have serious repercussions on your business for months to come.

While it is often tempting to post negative comments related to real estate transactions or related vendors, you should always avoid making this mistake. First and foremost, as a real estate agent you are trying to present yourself as a professional. There is nothing professional or becoming of a real estate agent making snide or off-handed remarks about another company in the industry. Most often the comments come across as petty and ridiculous. Second, if you post anything on social media that could be considered false, you will most likely receive a response from the offended party’s legal counsel.  Like you, other real estate professionals work hard to protect their online reputation and will fight fiercely to protect it. Third and most importantly, your negative comments can have an adverse effect on your brokerage or other agents in your company. That builder, lender or attorney you deride on Facebook may be a client of your brokerage.  Your broker may be recruiting that real estate agent you just slammed.  Why put your company in the position of losing a client or having to apologize for negative comments you made?

As a real estate agent you are trying to get as many people as possible to hire you. When you post negative or controversial comments you do not know who will view your comments negatively and refuse to hire you due to your actions.  As such we strongly recommend that you never post negative comments or ratings about anyone or any business on social media.  This is even more important when commenting about lenders, attorneys, builders, real estate agents or others in the industry in your capacity as an agent. Remember, once you put it out there it is nearly impossible to take it back.  Don’t post something in anger that you or your agency may later regret. Your Facebook posts should be positive and uplifting and a tool to get business not lose it.

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