When must an agent present a contract offer in South Carolina?

by | May 7, 2015 | Legal Tips

Surprisingly, I continue to have calls and complaints about agents who do not present offers to their seller-client.  You are required by law to present ALL offers and counteroffers in a “timely manner” even when the property is subject to contract.

Here is a list of don’ts!

  • Don’t hold offers until you receive another or a more preferred offer. You must present the offer “timely” to your seller. Your seller may decide not to respond to an offer until reviewing other offers.
  • Don’t hold an offer because you are expecting another offer and want to present all offers at one time. You must submit the offer to the seller. Again, the seller may elect to not respond until the other offers are received.
  • Don’t deny an offer or counteroffer without talking to your client even if you think the offer is terrible.
  • Don’t fail to present offers to the seller because the seller has directed you to not bring any offer under a certain price.
  • Don’t fail to present an offer because the property is under contract.
  • Do not make decisions for your client. Advise, advocate and counsel only.


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